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Identify your Apple Device

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How to prevent damage to your electronics

Keep breaking your electronics? 
Here a few a simple preventive measures to keep your favorite gadgets around for a long time.

Avoid leaving the headphones plugged in when you are not using the iPod. As long as the headphones are plugged in, you will put mechanical strain on your jack and break it faster, especially when in your bag or pocket.
Avoid sharp pulls on the cord. This will pull the wires out of their holders over time, and damage your headphone jack.

Avoid keeping your iPod touch in your back pocket, if you forget about it and sit down or bump into something you will crack your screen or glass.

Store the stuff away after using it. If you leave it around, chances are pretty good you're gonna accidentally hit them, drop something on them or make an accidental movement that will crush the screen.

You may not expect this, but be sure to keep your portable electronic devices safe from pets. You won't believe how many of them are broken by dogs that like to chew them up or toss them around.

Be sure to put your smartphones or iPods into a skin or case if they are near humidity like rain or sweat. Don't leave them in your pants or hold them in your hands when in a restroom or near a sink. 

Insert and unplug your charging cord carefully. We see a lot of broken dock connectors and USB ports. Do not put strain on plug while charging, do not leave it connected when it is charged if there is vibration or mechanical strain, such as in a car.

Minimize experimentation with firmware, unlocking, jailbreaking etc. unless you are willing to invest time to repair the issues it causes. The good old rule of thumb of never changing a running system also holds for smartphones.

Some technology myths that don't seem to be true (anymore):

It's ok, to just charge your iPod or Smartphone as you wish. You don't have to fully discharge it before you charge it again.
Also, you can't normally overcharge batteries if you just leave the device connected when the battery is already charged.
The only way to wear out your battery faster than average is by using it at lot. If you use your iPod a lot you will use up the limited number of charging cycles faster and hence need to replace it earlier. 

It's ok to wrap your headphones around your iPod or iPhone as long as you keep the headphones unplugged when you are not listening to music.

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