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Standard Warranties

Before you decide in favor of a repair, look out for what will happen in case a repair doesn't succeed or doesn't last.

A repair company should provide you with
a clearly structured system for all those scenarios.

Here's the portatronics warranty system:

Within one year all new parts with a manufacturer defect are replaced by portatronics free of charge.

One Year Warranty on New Parts

Within 3 months a refund of full repair cost is provided upon any error, as long
as you give us one chance for a free follow-up repair and as long as you return the replaced part to us.

3 Months Refund Option Upon any Error

2 Year Extended Warranties for $99

In addition to our standard warranty you can purchase the 2 year extended warranty, which will cover you for a longer time period.
It also (partially) protects you against damage you cause to the device yourself.

You can even purchase this warranty for devices that were not repaired or sold by us.

This way you get your warranty directly from a portable electronics service provider and save as much as half of what you would pay otherwise.

Here are a few problems that are covered:

          LCD cable issues
                + Symptoms: Faded screen or Black screen.

          Power port contaminated or mechanically broken
                + Symptoms: Device will not sync, stay connected or charger

          Worn out batteries:
                + Symptoms: Battery loses charge too quickly or takes no charge at all

          Defective motherboard connections:
                + Symptoms:  You can not hear or speak to the other person, buttons or trackpads start to fail

In those scenarios we provide full parts & labor coverage without any deductibles.
Or we cover the full item cost if item can not be repaired.

If you cause physical damage to your item and you purchased the 2 Year Extended warranty,
there is a $45 deductable, but that's all you pay and we will repair or replace the device for you.