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Thank you for your interest in Corporate Accounts. To support the unique and specific purchasing needs of business, education, and other institutional customers, portatronics offers a corporate credit line with detailed order history reports, significant discounts for repairs of 5 devices per batch or more, and other functionality to help streamline purchasing for your office or organization. Please email us at contact(at)portatronics.com for more information and an overview of relevant capabilities and discounts.

If you are an organization and looking for:

        Resale & Remarketing Services
        Recycling Services
        Data Security & Erasure Services
        Parts Recovery

we can help you manage your portable electronic assets at the end of their lifecycle, while helping you reap
their full economic value. If regulations apply for the safe removal and disposal, we provide detailed documentation of each step of the disposal or recycling process that will fully meet your regulatory and accounting requirements.

Reverse logicstics
State of the art record keeping practices with detailed tracking
of components and services provided for each ticket. Within one year defective new parts are replaced without charge.
Within 3 months refunds of full repair cost  is provided upon any error after one free follow-up repair.


Your new venture: Help giving the world better service options for portable technology and provide both ecological and economical benefits to your community.

A portatronics franchise offers the best of both worlds: a business of your own in a growing market – backed by an organization dedicated to helping you succeed.  As a portatronics Franchisee, you’ll live your dream of independence with the resources of an experienced enterprise by your side.

 We make it part of our mission to identify trends that result in growing significance for our franchisees, such as:

    * Number and nature of portable devices sold each year.
    * Understanding the increasing complexity of devices making do-it-yourself repairs more difficult.
    * Fewer support options provided by corporations, resulting in new opportunities for portatronics
    * Increasing fragmentation of portable electronics market place, resulting in smaller companies with
       even less customer support

In order to better suit these trends, portatronics has transformed itself from a repair business to a one-stop shop for total portable electronics support. We're creating a strong commercial customer base, also promoting portatronics corporate Maintenance Services, - a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

So, why not start your family business as one of portatronics' trusted local franchisees? 
portatronics has been keeping folks equipped with working gadgets for over 5 years.

Recommended Business Experience
portatronics is seeking business operators to lead with confidence and vision.
Creative and goal-oriented individuals with strong personal skills tend to be the most welcome and
successful in the portatronics environment.


Converting your existing electronics repair shop to a portatronics branch leverages investments you’ve already made in your facilities and equipment. Contact us for details in your area.
Financing Your portatronics Investment

Whether you're building, buying, or converting to portatronics, we can refer you to lenders interested in working with franchise candidates. Some may require 20% to 30% liquidity to qualify. portatronics does not receive fees for placement of loans.

New Shop Investment Requirements
New portatronics franchise costs will vary by shop size and location. portatronics franchise advisors will assist you by trying to find an opportunity that fits your needs.

Existing portatronics Shops for Sale
The purchase price for an existing portatronics shop is negotiated between buyer and seller. Prices vary greatly based on the number of services bays, equipment, location, local market variables and business valuation. Before making your deal for portatronics ownership, you'll have the advantage of reviewing operational and financial performance, talking with the owner and familiarizing yourself with the customer base.
Training and Orientation - The portatronics Mission

We want you to succeed in your new venture. Before you open and as you continue to own your portatronics shop, you'll benefit from portatronics training.

Intensive Orientation & Training

During several days of in-shop observation, we’ll work with you to develop your business plan, analyze your competition and discover the portatronics approach to customer service. The next step: 10 days in our corporate office. Our hands-on shop orientation will help you lay the groundwork for success – think of it as the portatronics Masters degree.

Ongoing training
portatronics offers you and your staff a combination of operations manuals and guides, e-learning, self-study and regional seminars to help make your franchise as efficient and productive as possible. We also welcome the chance to talk to you about how easy converting your business to portatronics may be.

If you are interested and would like to take the first step, let us tell you why a portatronics Franchise is the right choice for you. Email us at contact(at)portatronics.com.