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Motorola Xoom Motherboard Repair $ 49.00
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Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Motorola Xoom Motherboard Repair

If you are out of warranty with Motorola this service may be of interest to you. If  your Motorola Xoom does not boot properly or the screen stays black and you don't hear the welcome sound, then you may have a defective logic board. The same may be true if you Motorola Xoom will turn on, but only the backlight will come on but nothing appears on the screen. Many times this issue can be repaired without having to replace the logic board. If you want to choose this repair option, order this service - there is no need to order any additional items. This service is bundled with a 3 month warranty. If you have follow up issues, we will either repair them for free within that time frame, or issue a full refund.