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Wednesday, 06 May 2009 16:44

iPod touch 2G Screen Replacement

Before you begin

This guide will show you how to open the iPod touch 2G and remove items inside the headphone jack (e.g. a broken tip of a headphone plug).

Please note that this repair method will damage the seal surrounding the iTouch 2G glass.

  • Read legal information section and make sure you understand the risks of this repair. Place your iPod touch 2G on a clean flat and soft surface, such as a rubber mat or a piece of soft cloth and get the required opening tools

  • Step 1

    Turn your iPod touch 2G on its back. It is not required to have it connected to the charging cord. In fact it's better to disconnect it.


    The challenge with opening the iTouch 2G is to avoid cracking the iTouch 2G digitizer. When prying the digitizer upward be sure to never touch the glass with the opening tool directly, apply the prying only to the plastic frame holding the glass.


    Step 2

    Insert the flathead screwdriver about 1/8 of an inch edge away from the edge of the dock connector. Insert the screwdriver between the backplate and the seal (not between the seal and the iTouch glass). Push the screwdriver down about about a third of the length of the blade of the small flathead.

    Step 3

    Hold the iPod down firmly with your palm.  Insert the blad of a small flathead screwdriver about a third of the length of its blade and start carefully lifting the iTouch screen assembly upward.

    Lift it just enough to insert the blade of a safe open tool in the middle of the bottom as shown in the next image.

    Step 4

    The prying with the flathead of the last step will open a gap just large enough to fit in the blade of the safe open tool.

    Once the safe open tool is positioned as shown in the image, it will keep the gap from closing. This way it will be easier to reinsert the flathead in different sections.

    Step 6

    Insert the flathead on the opposite side of the dock connector and repeat the procedure of step 3.

    Step 7

    Slide the opening tool a little to the right and insert the flathead on the side as shown int he image. Gently and carefully pry the iTouch plastic frame upward.

    You can use the second safe open tool and insert it to keep the gap you are creating from closing again.

    Step 8

    The plastic tool is to keep the gap from closing as you are using the flathead to release the iTouch front assembly at the top of the iPod. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

    Be sure to keep from twisting or bending the iPod Touch front assembly to prevent cracking the glass.

    Step 9

    When the front assembly comes loose release the digitizer connector in the top left corner using the plastic opening tool.

    Step 10

    If you plan to do a full disassembly or logic board replacement, you can remove the screws holding the motherboard in place, otherwise go straight to the iPod touch 2G screen removal in the next step.

    Step 11

    Carefully slide the plastic opening tool under the screen and move it along the sides to release the adhesive. No bending or pressure is allowed here at all, the iTouch 2G screen is insanely fragile.

    Step 13

    Flip the screen upward. Skip the following steps, if you just want to disassemble your iPod touch 2G to replace the LCD screen or replace the logic board.

    Step 12

    The following two stept are only required if you want to remove an item blocking the audio jack

    Prepare a paper clip as shown in image.

    Step 15

    Insert the paper clip into the back of the headphone jack to push out the piece blocking it.

    Step 16

    To continue regular disassembly

    Remove the remaining screws of the logic board and the Sleep/Wake button module.

    Step 17

    Remove all screws at the top of the iPod touch 2G.

    Step 18

    The screw in the top left corner is hidden under a black rubber seal.

    Step 19

    Lift the iTouch 2G screen and remove all screws holding the screen backplate in place.

    Step 20

    The iPod touch battery is located under the screen backplate. Soldering skills are required if you want to replace it.

    Step 21

    Carefully remove the iPod touch logic board from the backplate. You have disassembled your iPod touch 2G until the battery and LCD screen replacement.

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