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Apple iPod classic 

Before you begin

Expect cosmetic damage when you open your iPod classic using the described method. The iPod classic is not made to be user serviceable, your performing this repair at your own risk.
  • Read the legal guidelines on this website. Place your Apple iPod classic on a clean flat and soft surface, such as a rubber mat or a piece of soft cloth and get the required opening tools


    Step 1

    The iPod classic is one of the hardest iPods to open because the backplate is very firmly connected to the frontplate. Be patient and just repeat the steps of the opening procedure until the backplate comes loose.

    The narrow part of the backplate between dock connector and the front plate is the best place to insert the safe open tool.




    Step 2

    Reinsert the tool at the same point, but not from inside the dock connector but the gap between frontplate and backplate. Slide the tool toward the edge, thereby creating a gap between backplate and frontplate on the right side of your iPod.


    Step 3

    Slide the tool all along the bottom to the edge of the iPod.


    Step 4

    You can try to slide the tool all the way around the edge. If that fails, reinsert the tool of the right side.


    Step 5

    Slide the tool up toward the middle. Repeat the last steps until you created a gap large enough to insert the flathead screwdriver.


    Step 6

    Repeat the last steps and twist the safe open tool. Carefully pry down using the small flathead. You will need to apply some force here and be patient until the backplate will come loose.



    Step 7

    Repeat step 6 at different sections of the side. If the gap is large enough you may be able to use the flathead alone. The flathead will speed up the process but also damage the ipod classic backplate more.


    Step 8

    Slide the plastic tool around the upper right edge thereby creating a gap at the top.


    Step 9

    Use the flathead here as well to extend the gap and make the internal metal clips of the backplate release from the frontplate.


    Step 10

    Slide the soft opening tool around the upper left corner thereby creating a gap on the left side.


    Step 11

    Apply the same method here. The backplate will increasingly feel loose and move around in the process, but the metal clips on the inside may still hold on to the frontplate.



    Step 12



    Step 13

    At some point enough clips will have been released to raise the iPod's front.


    Step 14

    Turn the iPod on it's front and lift the backplate while twisting it at a 90 degree angle.


    Step 15

    Place the backlate next to the iPod classic.



    Step 16

    Pull up the battery connector latch to release the ipod classic battery.



    Step 18

    Lift up the ipod classic hard drive and flip it toward the bottom of the ipod.



    Step 19

    To the remove the hard drive, open the hard drive cable connector with the safe open tool.


    Step 20

    This is what it looks like when the ipod classic HDD is removed.


    Step 21

    Focus on the headphone jack ribbon cable in the bottom middle of the iPod front. Open the latch of the ipod classic audio jack using the opening tool. Be careful, since the latches are very breakable.



    Step 22

    The backlate, frontplate and hard drive separated.


    Step 23

    Slide the opening tool under the battery and and twist it firmly. The glue is strong.

    Pay attention to the small ribbon cable under the battery. Upon removal of the battery it may stick to the battery and tear if you don't use extreme care when peeling it off the battery.



    Step 24

    If you want to replace the headphone jack, remove the 4 screws holding it in place. There are two on the actual jack and two on the hold switch, the being latter partially covered under glue.



    Step 25

    Remove the two screws holding the headphone jack in place.


    Step 26

    Pull the jack up and carefully pull the ribbon cable. When peeling the thin flex cable off the backplate, be sure to work slowly, the paperthin material tears easily.



    Step 27

    Remove the two screws from the hold switch.


    Step 28

    This is how the hold switch looks when it is detached from the backplate.

    Success! You have successfully removed the battery and headphone jack module of your iPod classic. For re-assembly follow the steps in reverse order.

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    Before you begin

    Follow through the steps of "How to Open an iPod classic".

  • Read the legal guidelines on this website. Place your Apple iPod classic on a clean flat and soft surface, such as a rubber mat or a piece of soft cloth and get the required opening tools


    Step 1

    Remove the three screws on the right side of your iPod frontplate.



    Step 2

    Remove the three screws on the left side of your iPod frontplate.


    Step 3

    Open the screen connector.


    Step 4

    Fully remove the front plate from the aluminum frame and attached logic board. Lift the aluminum frame from the front plate and pull the ipod classic screen away from the screen connector.


    Step 5

    This is what it looks like when the frontplate is removed from the frame with the system board.


    Step 6

    Remove the two small screws next to the action button.



    Step 7

    Firmly push down on the ipod classic motherboard while holding the frame until the glue comes loose.


    Step 8

    The board came loose from the frame. Carefully peel off the grounding cable of the iPod classic scroll wheel.
    Open the scroll wheel connector.


    Step 9

    You fully disassembled your iPod classic.

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